Review – The FP

The FP Theatrical Poster

TitleThe FP
Director(s)Brandon Trost, Jason Trost
Release Year2011
Rotten Tomatoes: 48% 

Why do video game movies always end up terrible? Is it their attempts to be realistic when video games themselves are a piece of fiction? Is it the fact that the movie rarely stays true to the game? Or is it just because video games cannot be adaptable? After years of failed movies based on video games, it definitely has begun to feel like there will never be a truly great movie based on one. Fortunately, there are a few people who understand what most directors seem to ignore: games are hyper-stylized and tend to be over the top ventures where reality is not what is trying to be conveyed, but rather a fictional world and a unique experience. Oddly enough, The FP conveys this perfectly, but with an IP that doesn’t have a story or really any sense of direction at all. It is the ultimate mash-up of old school arcade games and all of their associated characteristics.

The FP follows JTRO and his attempt to reclaim Frazier Park from the 245 (gang names are simply numbers in this film) for his own group, the 248. After the death of BTRO, he gives up on playing Beat Beat Revelation, but is soon brought back into the world to avenge BTRO’s death at the hands of L Dubba E. Beat Beat Revelation is essentially Dance Dance Revolution, but with a few extra modes that heighten the tension in the film. If you think a movie about gangs battling each other over turf through a dancing game is ridiculous, this movie is for you. Nothing in this film can be taken seriously, because it’s intentionally loaded with cheesy dialogue and awful montage sequences. The weird thing is though, no matter how corny the movie became there was still an odd sense of excitement whenever JTRO dueled against someone else in BBR. Perhaps it’s the soundtrack, an electronic dance score that compliments every moment of the film, with different characters having their own sort of introduction sound as well. Or maybe it’s the cinematography which is shot in a guerrilla-style manner, giving both excitement and keeping you entranced with what is happening on screen.

L Dubba E slinging his own brand of absurd dialogue

Everything about The FP is ridiculously over the top, and most of this comes from the dialogue and acting. Everyone plays their roles almost perfectly, especially those who portrayed JTRO and L Dubba E. To not break out in laughter while saying some of the things L Dubba E says, is quite the accomplishment. It’s hard not to compare the film with something like The Room, because it transcends being a bad movie and becomes something more. This is a film that will endure time because it manages to be a film that is so bad that it’s good, or more so, a film that knows what it wants to be and embodies it with no hesitation. There’s no denying that this film intends to be a cult classic, and in my mind, it is. When you have friends come over, this is the movie that you will want them to see because it demands to be seen with a bunch of your closest friends. Poke fun at the dialogue, laugh at the premise, and ultimately enjoy yourself, because a movie this ridiculous comes around once a year. But a movie like this that is both ridiculous and clever, only comes around once a decade. The FP will be a film that you will always remember having seen because it’s such a unique experience that it’s hard to find anything that comes close to it.

Overall: Recommended 


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