The Podcast With No Name – Nintendo E3 Leaks

Fossil Fighters

So I’m really bad at getting content on this site, but I do want to expand it and make it into something that is very gaming-centric. I have admired how many other independent sites have grown over the past several years and it’s an exciting time to be a content creator, if a little nerve-wracking too. So in an effort to at least bring content to the site, and to get a few different voices circulating, I decided to release a podcast. It’s all explained in the introduction, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s throwing one of these together at a whim is not a smart idea. However, we made it through and a podcast now exists. Hopefully more will come and on a fairly frequent basis, but for now, here’s our talk on the Nintendo E3 list. I’ll also throw in some images now and again in these posts, but generally just who is on and maybe some specific material we talk about.

Cast for this episode:

Christopher Cross
Tyler Drainville
Philip Flood
Jeff Kekenj
Lucas Philpott

And here’s that nefarious Nintendo E3 document which has been circulating the internet for the past day:

Nintendo E3 Leak


If anyone has any comments, feel free to shoot them down below. Suggestions and criticism are always welcome, so long as you aren’t an ass about it. And hey, feel free to totally call out the fact that this list might be completely made up.


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