The Podcast With No Name – E3 Predictions

The Last Guardian

We’re slowly getting everything together and making something worthwhile. Everyone is excited that is participating in this podcast, and hopefully that comes off in the content itself. I get excited everytime we hit record, and I’m slowly learning the process of hosting a podcast so everything about this is enriching and enthralling to myself. Bear with us as we tweak the formula and get things running in a more organized and cohesive manner. There’s problems on my end audio-wise, and also with the recorder we’re using, but I’ve fixed a lot of the issues (hopefully) for next time.

E3 is extremely soon (conferences are in 2 days, as I write this) and we couldn’t talk about Nintendo and not go over our predictions for the rest of the big companies and what they’ll be bringing to the table at their conferences. We’re all banking on The Last Guardian to make its long awaited return. On top of that, we covered some of the big headlines over the last week, all leading up to the biggest moment in video games every year. And unsurprisingly, no one remembers that Wonder Flick is a game.

Tune in to the podcast below, to get some of that sweet audio goodness:

Cast for this episode:

Christopher Cross
Tyler Drainville
Jeff Kekenj
Lucas Philpott
Philip Flood (after the break)

And now something for your eyes:

Once again, feel free to comment below. We’re looking for feedback constantly and want to make this an entertaining podcast for you guys, but also something worth doing. If you have questions for us as well, the comments section is the best way to get them to us. Also, suggestions for a name for this podcast would be greatly appreciated. That’s the most difficult part of this whole process. Enjoy your E3, we’ll cobble something together after the conferences all happen.


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