Infinite Respawncast – E3 Highlights


E3 is over, and boy do we have a lot of highlights from the show to talk about. Audio issues? Never. We’re gonna give a new Skype recorder a go next time we record, so maybe this will be the last podcast with audio problems. Ignore the dishwashing or whatever sounds decided to start happening around our The Order: 1886 and Mortal Kombat X discussion. For now, join Tyler Drainville, Jeff Kekenj, Lucas Philpott, and I as we go in depth on some games from the biggest meeting of video games this year. As mentioned in the podcast, here is that article I wrote on the Battlefield: Hardline beta for VGU.TV, and here’s that article which I wrote on The Order: 1886. Next podcast will be us trying to find what a normal podcast for us will be, and feedback would be appreciated in the comments below for what is entertaining in a gaming podcast, and what isn’t. We have our ideas of what should be talked about, but whether those end up working are yet to be seen. And there should be a regular line-up starting next podcast as well.

Listen to four people talk about games neither of us will get to play in a long time, below:

Outro music by Alex Roe, who you can check out here.

As always, feedback is always appreciated in the comments below!


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