Infinite Respawncast – Friends with the Benedicts


Hey people. We destroyed the template of the Infinite Respawncast to make it less structured but also more organic-feeling. Or at least an attempt to accomplish those things. To do that, I decided that we are no longer limiting ourselves to video games as a point of discussion. We’re at an early state still in the podcast’s lifespan where it makes sense to start evolving the podcast in the direction we want before (ideally) a bunch of people hop on and then complain when we change the format. So discussion now will span across several forms of media from music to television and movies to video games. Since it will be a lot more discussion, that also means a lot less stuff that we are barely engaged in, which was the case with a lot of news we were discussing. However, hopefully you enjoy the new format, we’re gonna stick with this for a while since it’s a lot more fun for us and I think that comes off in the podcast.

But anyways, enough preamble. Listen to Jeff, Tyler and I talk about everything from Trailer Park Boys, The Wire, Bob’s Burgers, Destiny, Willow Creek, the new In Flames, and a hell of a lot else in the podcast below:



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