Infinite Respawns YouTube Channel

It would be ridiculous to suggest that video content is ever a bad idea for a website. When it comes to video games, I think video content is an extremely easy way to preview something you might want to buy, as well as hear someones thoughts in a quick and less formal fashion. The barrier to entry is far less high for videos than it is for written content. That is not to say that reading makes someone more intelligent, but I am suggesting that reading is a much more engaged form of digesting content. With all that being said, I am a very busy person, and though I love writing more than anything, I also enjoy playing games and simply talking. It is why there are podcasts on this site, as well. However, sometimes writing about or talking about a game does not do it justice, which is why I decided to start a YouTube channel for Infinite Respawns.

I am in no way a professional with video or audio equipment, but I will try my best to make sure nothing is overtly terrible. The main objective with this channel is not just to get some thoughts out there really quickly and to generate content – it is to showcase a wide array of video games (good and bad), and incite discussion. Though videos act as a one-way message, commenting on videos, suggesting games to play, and simply watching the content is enough to create a meaningful community and environment for discourse. So with that long introduction out of the way, I hope you are interested enough to subscribe to the YouTube channel below, in order to keep up to date on all the video content being created.

Click Here to Subscribe And Watch


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