Infinite Respawncast – The Legend of Fatman


Hello. Everything is slightly in disarray at the moment because everyone’s out doing things or in a state of transition in life. So it was hard to get this podcast made, let alone out in time. And its not out in time. However, we did manage to round up someone else for the podcast, Samuel Provost-Walker a.k.a DJ Slamuel. And we have one of his hot remixes at the end of the podcast for you to enjoy, but before that happens, you can hear Jeff, Braden, Samuel, and I, all talk about The Evil WithinThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeFoster the PeopleThe Legend of Korra, and how great Fatman is. For those interested in keeping up to date with all the content published, you can now follow Infinite Respawns on Facebook, on top of already being able to follow on Twitter as well. Then, as mentioned last time on the podcast, you can subscribe to the Infinite Respawns YouTube channel for video content.

Listen to the podcast below, and check out some links after the jump:


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