Infinite Respawncast – Mad Max is Back, Pitches!

Also, so is this podcast. Hopefully for good too. It has switched from games to film, but that does not mean there won’t ever be discussion of a game or two, and I have plans to maintain gaming content on the site in some capacity. However, me and Dylan have been talking about doing a podcast for a bit now and finally decided to do so. So hopefully you enjoy the podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. The show notes can be found below as we do discuss two movies and spoilers for both.

(13:57) Pitch Perfect 2 Spoilers
(27:09) Mad Max: Fury Road
(46:42) Mad Max: Fury Road Spoilers

You can find more content on the site, as well as get updates on our Facebook page, as well as by following the site on Twitter. You can also follow me on Twitter if you want more than just content updates. The podcast will go up on Tuesdays every week, so you can also just come here every Tuesday for a new episode.


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