Infinite Respawncast – Creed

Chris and Dylan are ready to rumble with a review of Creed, the spin-off/sequel to the Rocky franchise. We then talk Star Wars (is that even surprising anymore?), Magic Mike, and discuss the National Board of Review’s film selections for 2015. There’s also some new releases, as always. Then Chris explains why Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is far superior to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Meanwhile, Dylan saw two Tom Hardys in LegendNext week, we’ll be reviewing Krampus, which Dylan is really looking forward to.

Show Notes:

(2:40) Creed Review
(18:11) Creed Spoilers!
(32:45) Star Wars will be evoking Hamilton! The Musical, has some people who requested Carrie Fisher lose weight for her reprisal of Princess Leia, and Steven Spielberg has seen the The Force Awakens three times. Good for him.
(37:50) New releases for Blu-Ray
(47:16) Alex Pettyfer finally dishes the dirt on why him and Channing Tatum did not get along during Magic Mike.
(50:16) National Board of Review lists some highlights in film from this year. Chris gets mad because The Gift wasn’t mentioned a single time.
(58:22) Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
(63:57) Legend
(68:00) Closing comments

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