Infinite Respawncast – End of 2015 Debates

Chris and Dylan sharpen their knives, detach themselves from any emotional connections, lock themselves in rooms across the country from each other, and yell about the best acting (male and female), best cinematography, best screenplay, best directing and the best scenes in film of 2015. Next week we will have our personal year-end lists for the best and worst films of 2015. There should not be any debates, just lots of us being excited about the year in film.

Click past the Joe Manganiello gif for YouTube videos (separated by category, will be added throughout the next couple days) and the complete list of nominees and winners.

Show Notes:

(4:12) Best Actor of 2015
(49:17) Best Actress of 2015
(102:54) Best Cinematography of 2015
(122:04) Best Screenplay of 2015
(150:50) Best Director of 2015
(161:43) Best Scenes of 2015

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Horror Nights 2015 – The Final Week


Well, that’s it for this year. I didn’t really get to watch some movies I really wanted to like The ShiningBay of Blood or Rosemary’s Baby, but I did finally see American Psycho, and I got to rewatch one of the best films of the year, The Gift. Next year I’ll get those ones I missed.

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Horror Nights 2015 – Week Three

Tales of Halloween

This is the week when I get to see a bunch of newer horror films and shorts, courtesy of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. I intend to write full reviews for a couple of these, but for now, here are my brief thoughts. I’m going to get some classic horror films in for the last week of Horror Nights. I might also add that the post for that week will not go up until the day after Halloween, so ideally there will be more movies on there than normal.

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Horror Nights 2015: Week Two


This is a light week for me, because next week I will be getting plenty of new release horror films in. Crimson Peak will for sure be happening, and Toronto After Dark is a horror festival that I will hopefully be attending a couple screenings of so expect full reviews of those and for them to be included in next week’s round-up. I also intend to get more classics watched, so there will be some that I’ve never seen before and some that I absolutely adore and needed to see again.

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Horror Nights 2015: Week One


Yes, I’m trying this again this year. Last year I made three weeks of posts but never actually made a final week post because I kind of failed the month. This year, my expectations are lower. I don’t expect to get 31 movies in this year. I will do what I can and try my best to see a movie a day, but some days it just won’t pan out. Anyways, every week I will do a round up of the movies I’ve seen and a little blurb about my feelings on them. Pretty simple stuff. So let us begin getting spoooooooky.

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Dear Academy, You Don’t Have to be the Bad Guy


Yesterday, the Oscar nominations were finally announced. There were a lot of snubs, and maybe one or two surprises. But the snub which most surprised me, was the exclusion of The Lego Movie from the Best Animated Feature category. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s highly acclaimed work has gone unnoticed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, almost a week after it lost to How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the Golden Globes. This article is purely meant to explain why it was snubbed, why it would have made sense to be a nominee, and why it would have been a perfect winner of the coveted award. Naturally, there will be some spoilers.

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Horror Cinema Month: Week Three


You know how I said I’d watch a bunch more horror movies? I may have said something that I could not accomplish. I’m going to attempt to get through a bunch this final week though, because it is when a lot of the classics I have lined up will be seen. I might have to bail on some of the movies I was going to rewatch, as well. However, for now, I did fit in some more modern horror and was pleasantly surprised by how good one of the films ended up being.

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