Samuel’s Top 10 Games of 2014

Valiant Hearts2014-7-5-2-19-38

An endless stream of “DEFINITIVE”, “REMASTERED” and “GAME OF THE YEAR” reissues.

A surprising dearth of quality AAA first-party exclusives one full year into the PS4 and Xbox One’s lifecycle.

A dispiriting number of AAA titles released in various states of disarray and/or on fire.

A Valkyria Chronicles PC port.

Yeah…2014 was a weird year.

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Gameplay as the Story – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Gameplay as the Story is a recurring segment that takes a look at the ways in which we interact with video games and how that can dictate a story, tone, or character’s personalities and motivations. These are not reviews as I am not looking at every detail; only the ones which pertain to the topic. No scope is too small, so it may look at one neat mechanic and how that has been employed in several games, or an entire game. Spoilers are to be expected from any of these articles.

Last year’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was one of the most innovative titles of 2013. It even won a BAFTA for its innovation. In all my time playing video games, I cannot think of a better justification for using the medium than Brothers presents. This is the first article in the Gameplay as the Story segment because it is the one game that clearly outlines what I want to examine with this feature. With one simple mechanic, Brothers is able to convey so much information. And in that one mechanic, Josef Fares and his team created a story that gains its impact from the duality of its controls, as well as helping to build the relationship of the characters in the process.

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