Infamous: First Light Review

Fetch Captive in Infamous First Light

When Infamous: Second Son came out, I loved it, but also felt the need to defend a lot of the decisions made by the writing team. I still feel the same way about Second Son as I did then, and if anything, the new stand-alone DLC First Light further cements my comments on the writing in the core game. That the game refused to focus on any of the other characters besides Delsin Rowe, was part of why it lured me in. It was character-driven and character-focused, which its gameplay attempted to replicate to varying degrees of success. With First Light, Sucker Punch has done something which goes against the entire point of the Infamous franchise: it removes player choice.

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart Review

Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) in Cold, Cold Heart for Batman: Arkham Origins

As the first piece of post-release story downloadable content, Cold, Cold Heart is an exceptional way to highlight the strengths of the Arkham series. Batman: Arkham Origins suffered from being more of the same, and that detracted from what I think was one of the best stories in the Arkham canon, at least in terms of an emotional payoff. So who is more fitting than Victor Fries a.k.a Mr. Freeze to star as the villain in a piece of DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins? His plight to cure his wife Nora of a terminal illness, by freezing her in order to give him time to find a remedy, is one of the most heart-wrenching tales in the Batman universe. And that is what Cold, Cold Heart portrays, as it sets up Mr. Freeze as the major villain that he later becomes in Batman: Arkham City.

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