Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

hotline miami 2 art-720

I was ready to love Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

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Child of Light Review

Child of Light Cinematic

The best way to describe Ubisoft‘s newest title using the Ubiart Framework engine is like a book. Not a book that you have already read, or a tale of which you have no idea what to expect. It’s something you haven’t read yet, but can anticipate through the plot exactly what is going to happen. Child of Light is exactly that. It has enough charm for you to get lost in its world, but not enough depth to its story for it to become a classic tale you revisit over and over. With a highly engaging combat system, and an eclectic cast of characters, Child of Light moves beyond its pretty presentation to create an engrossing experience that will leave RPG fans more than satisfied.

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Trials Fusion Review

When a series like Trials releases a new title, the first question that always comes to mind is: why? Why is another game in this series being released when the gameplay is going to be exactly the same as the previous titles? Trials Fusion justifies its existence in several ways that elevate the series in a way that none of the previous games have ever been able to do. By simply adding a story, the Trials experience becomes something grander, and a weird meta-commentary on the way in which we enjoy the challenging physics-simulator that is at the game’s core.

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