Infinite Respawncast – The Hateful Eight

Chris and Dylan lock themselves in a haberdashery to hash out some discussion on The Hateful Eight – Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film. Chris thought Demian Bichir was Edward Norton, which is a crazy thing to think, but he did it anyways. Meanwhile, Dylan tells Chris all about Star Wars box office records, what film Tarantino really liked this year, which band did a theme song for Spectre, and can’t explain why Christopher Nolan’s next film is a WWII film. There are a handful of new releases, most notably Bone Tomahawk. Then Chris talks about Joy and Point Break, while Dylan explains his feelings on Making a Murderer. The show, not the act. Next week we’re back with the first of two end of the year podcasts that we are doing. It is very difficult for it not to be extremely compelling.

Show Notes:

(2:12) The Hateful Eight Review
(29:14) The Hateful Eight Spoilers
(50:50) Tarantino really liked Mad Max: Fury Road
(53:01) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is still destroying the box office and its records
(55:07) New Releases
(61:45) Radiohead did a theme song for Spectre for some reason, and then released it.
(64:01) Christopher Nolan is doing a WWII film, because why not? That genre hasn’t been done to death.
(65:51) Joy
(73:59) Making a Murderer
(78:16) Point Break
(85:00) Closing Comments including what we’re doing next week. Hint: It’s End of the Year time.

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