Infinite Respawncast – The Hateful Eight

Chris and Dylan lock themselves in a haberdashery to hash out some discussion on The Hateful Eight – Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film. Chris thought Demian Bichir was Edward Norton, which is a crazy thing to think, but he did it anyways. Meanwhile, Dylan tells Chris all about Star Wars box office records, what film Tarantino really liked this year, which band did a theme song for Spectre, and can’t explain why Christopher Nolan’s next film is a WWII film. There are a handful of new releases, most notably Bone Tomahawk. Then Chris talks about Joy and Point Break, while Dylan explains his feelings on Making a Murderer. The show, not the act. Next week we’re back with the first of two end of the year podcasts that we are doing. It is very difficult for it not to be extremely compelling.

Show Notes:

(2:12) The Hateful Eight Review
(29:14) The Hateful Eight Spoilers
(50:50) Tarantino really liked Mad Max: Fury Road
(53:01) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is still destroying the box office and its records
(55:07) New Releases
(61:45) Radiohead did a theme song for Spectre for some reason, and then released it.
(64:01) Christopher Nolan is doing a WWII film, because why not? That genre hasn’t been done to death.
(65:51) Joy
(73:59) Making a Murderer
(78:16) Point Break
(85:00) Closing Comments including what we’re doing next week. Hint: It’s End of the Year time.

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Silver Linings Playbook (Almost) Avoids the Romantic Comedy Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook Theatrical Poster

Silver Linings Playbook Theatrical Poster

TitleSilver Linings Playbook
Genre(s)Drama, Comedy, Romance
Director(s)David O. Russell
Release Year2012
IMDB: 8.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes91%

‘Almost’ is the key word here. While watching Silver Linings Playbook, I felt like I was watching one of the best romantic comedies I had ever seen. Everything about it felt sincere, and each moment was ready to assault my emotions both brutally and pleasantly. Every performance was filled with the right amount of energy and every line was delivered as authentically as possible. Unfortunately, where this movie fell short was its entire third act, which had about as many cliches as possible thrown in there. There’s some moments that really work, but generally, I was cringing once the final act was set up. Besides that though, David O. Russell has made another really great film which tugs hard at your emotions (like he’s bound to do in all his films) and displays just how great of a filmmaker he is when it comes to displaying family dynamics and building a relationship between the unlikeliest of people.

The big pull factor of this film is going to be Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who both lead Silver Linings Playbook and give some of their best performances to date. Cooper plays Pat, who is coming home after being checked into a mental hospital after brutally assaulting a man he catches with his wife in the shower. It’s then revealed that he had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. So naturally, Cooper is forced into giving a somewhat off-kilter performance, one that ends up feeling entirely realistic and propels Cooper into more than just a pretty face. This is his finest performance yet, but he is also acting alongside a slew of other stellar performances. Lawrence plays Tiffany who is afflicted with severe depression and sex addiction after the death of her husband. Naturally, these two characters have some witty and complex conversations as they try to help each other out, each for their own personal advantages. I also can’t avoid mentioning Robert De Niro who is great as the father who just wants to mend his relationship with his son, while dealing with his gambling addiction and OCD nature.

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