Infinite Respawncast – Krampus

It’s almost Christmas time! So Chris and Dylan strapped in and watched the new horror film from Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘R Treat), Krampus. The festivities continue with the guys discussing James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, why we’re excited for Batman V Superman now, and how Netflix will rule the TV world with double the programming in 2016. Chris finally saw Room and he talks all about how he bawled like a baby, and Dylan talks about The Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s newest film. Next week, we are reviewing The Big Short, but there will likely be some other new releases.

Show Notes:

(1:41) Krampus Review
(16:30) Krampus Spoilers
(24:37) James Franco played dress-up and is all set to play Tommy Wiseau in what will surely be a disaster with The Disaster Artist
(27:20) There was a new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it turns out they’re really having fun with this one.
(32:27) New Releases
(47:06) Netflix is doubling its original TV programming in 2016, which is crazy because it feels like a new Netflix show is premiering every week.
(50:47) Phoenix is getting a Criterion release. We don’t understand.
(53:00) Room
(61:26) The Good Dinosaur
(64:47) Krampus trivia explains why you heard some Jon Lajoie in the podcast
(66:41) Closing Comments


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