Infinite Respawncast – Carol

Chris and Dylan reconvene to talk about Carol, the new Todd Haynes film starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. There’s some news about Avatar and X-Men Apocalypse, as well as some new releases. Chris watched his second Adam Sandler movie this year with Netflix’s second feature film, The Ridiculous 6. Meanwhile, Dylan saw both Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and the horror/western Bone Tomawhawk. Next week there’s a pretty big movie coming out, but instead of reviewing Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chipwe’re going to give you all a review of the smaller film, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Show Notes:

(1:49) Carol Review
(23:42) Carol Spoilers
(34:21) X-Men: Apocalypse had a trailer. We discuss it.
(38:23) Don’t worry, James Cameron is going to have Avatar movies for the rest of your life.
(43:41) New Releases
(55:20) The Hateful Eight started out as a sequel to Django Unchained. We believe that foreshadows the ending of the film, but what do we know.
(58:28) The Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
(62:07) The Ridiculous 6
(71:02) Bone Tomahawk
(77:31) Closing comments and hear the excitement from us as we prep for Star Wars.

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Side Effects is a Well-Crafted Thriller That Revels in Its Director’s Talents

Side Effects Theatrical Poster

Side Effects Theatrical Poster

TitleSide Effects
Genre(s)Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director(s)Steven Soderbergh
Release Year2013
Rotten Tomatoes86%

As the opening scene of Side Effects plays out, we are thrust into a state of intrigue. Structured like a puzzle, Soderbergh wants us to feel out of our element and wonder where this film is going to go. The movie seemingly resolves in an ending that adds nothing, but then goes back in for a second take, delivering a more satisfying ending, if not a little more on the ridiculous side. Soderbergh is in complete control here though, as he works with Scott Z. Burns’s script and turns it into a well-crafted thriller that unfortunately does feel a little too by-the-numbers for the majority of it. If it wasn’t for the director on board, this script would likely have become as generic a thriller as can be, but because of Soderbergh’s distinct cinematography and a cast that feels completely invested in their characters, Side Effects is very much more than just another bland thriller.

As one can presume from the title, the film takes a look into the pharmaceutical industry and the corruption within, as well as a look into what one mistake can do to those administering the medicine. Rooney Mara plays Emily Taylor, the wife of Martin Taylor (Channing Tatum) who has recently been released from prison. Emily suffers from depression and has taken many anti-depressants, but none have any beneficial outcomes. After an accident due to her depression, she begins to see Jonathon Banks (Jude Law), a psychiatrist who wants to help her feel better. After a series of trials, he prescribes her a new drug called Ablixa upon her request, and she is soon feeling much better.  The couple are again able to enjoy themselves, and she’s feeling more chipper than ever since her husband’s arrest. From here on out, Side Effects starts questioning whether or not you can believe what is happening as Emily finds herself in a predicament that confuses her and puts Jonathon at risk of losing all he has worked for.

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